School Transport

 The students who use the school bus should line up to board the bus. They should get down at their bus stop only when the bus comes to a dead-stop.
 The students should adopt good manners while travelling in the school bus and should not protrude any part of their body out of the bus.
 Transport facility is available for the full session. No withdrawals are allowed in between except transfer cases.
 Transport facility is extended as a privilege and can't be claimed as a right.
 All students must come to school neat and clean with nails and hair properly trimmed.
 No student will damage any school property or write/draw any thing on the walls/furniture. Defaulters will be fined and the cost will be recovered from them.
 Transport facility will be withdrawn in case any one is found damaging the school vehicle/not obeying the discipline rules.
 In case the driver of the school bus defies traffic rules/drives rash or the speed of the vehicle exceeds 40km/h, parents are requested to contact the Headmistress personally or call on the telephone numbers :0180-4013047, 4004556
 Any request to change the bus route must be submitted to the school at least one week prior to the change that is to be made.
 Transport fee can be increased any time during the academic session depending on the hike in price of Petrol/Diesel by the Government of India.
 There is a school maid in all the buses in addition to the driver and conductor. Rudeness / disrespect towards them would result in withdrawal of bus facility.
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